Complete bedroom

Complete slaapkamer

Comfortable bedrooms with a modern design. Totally complete with a double bed, 2 bedside tables and a wardrobe.
And of course including the slatted bases and the mattresses, carefully selected by us for you.

Most beds of these bedrooms have the dimensions 180 x 200 cm, but some are also available with a bed with the dimensions 140 or 160 x 200 cm. This is useful if the room is not that big.

Buying complete bedroom

Buying a bedroom is not as difficult as it seems. You simply choose the bedroom that suits your taste and budget. Thereby you can choose from 3 different types of mattresses.
We ensure that the slatted bases and mattresses you choose, are of excellent quality.

If you prefer a different type of slatted base or mattress, then of course that's possible. Let us know through the information button, at the bedroom of your choice.