Complete bedroom Stef

Complete bedroom Stef

180 x 200 cm, white, with 2 innerspring mattresses 90

€ 2499.- *

Other variations

180 x 200 cm, white, with 1 innerspring mattress 180

€ 2579.- *

180 x 200 cm, white, with 2 pocketspring mattresses 90

€ 2699.- *

180 x 200 cm, white, with 2 coldfoam mattresses 90

€ 2699.- *

Plus delivery costs

Complete bedroom Stef

A Bed 180 with 6 beddrawers.

The bedroom consists of a double bed with rear wall, 2 bedside tables and a spacious wardrobe.

The bed has a comfort height and 6 beddrawers. The backwall is provided with a supporting pillow of imitation leather and two lighting points.

The 2 bedside tables have 3 drawers and a decoration shelve.

The wardrobe has 6 doors, 2 of them with mirror, and 3 drawers in different sizes.

Interior of the wardrobe: The cabinet has a shelf on the entire width, at about 40 cm from the top. Directly below about this width a hanging rod is provided. In the middle section one could make additional shelves.

Additional shelve. Price per piece € 29,50

The bedroom is provided with 2 sprung slatted bases, type Wilco and comfortable mattresses of one of the following types:

Innerspring mattress, type Juwel.
Pocket spring mattress, type Champion.
Cold foam/ NASA mattress, type Swing.

You can also choose any other type of slatted base and mattress.

Delivery time 2 weeks.

Delivery costs

€ 38 in the Netherlands and Belgium


Color white
Dimensions 180 x 200 cm
Headboard height 104 cm
Bed contour height 45 cm
Length placing space +8 cm
Width placing space +105 cm
Nightstand width 46.3 cm
Nightstand height 33.7 cm
Nightstand depth 40.8 cm
Cabinet width 271 cm
Cabinet height 212 cm
Cabinet depth 56 cm