Complete bedroom Blanche

Complete bedroom Blanche

180 x 200 cm, white, with 2 innerspring mattresses 90

€ 898.- *

Other variations

180 x 200 cm, white, with 1 innerspring mattress 180

€ 978.- *

180 x 200 cm, white, with 2 pocketspring mattresses 90

€ 1098.- *

180 x 200 cm, white, with 2 coldfoam mattresses 90

€ 1098.- *

Plus delivery costs

Complete bedroom Blanche

A modern room with details in chrome.

The bedroom consists of a double bed (excl. beddrawer), 2 bedside tables with 2 drawers and a wardrobe with 5 doors and 3 mirrors.

This bedroom in white, has details in chrome.

Interior of the wardrobe: The cabinet is divided into 3 compartments. Behind all doors there is, about 40 cm from the top, a shelf. Directly below a hanging rod is provided.

On the right and left, behind the width of two doors, one could make large additional shelves. In the middle section one coud make small additional shelves.

Shelves small. 43 x 45 cm. Price per piece € 21,-
Shelves large. 88 x 45 cm. Price per piece € 29,50

The bedroom is provided with 2 sprung slatted bases, type Gerd and comfortable mattresses of one of the following types:

Innerspring mattress, type Relax.
Pocket spring mattress, type Champion.
Cold foam/ NASA mattress, type Swing.

You can also choose any other type of slatted base and mattress.

Delivery time 2 days.

Delivery costs

€ 38 in the Netherlands and Belgium


Color white
Dimensions 180 x 200 cm
Headboard height 84 cm
Laying depth 11 cm
Side height 18 cm
Nightstand width 53 cm
Nightstand height 40 cm
Nightstand depth 37 cm
Cabinet width 226 cm
Cabinet height 210 cm
Cabinet depth 54 cm