Senior beds

Senior bed

Beds with comfort height are always pleasant to use. The lying height of about 45 cm. makes getting in and out of the bed easier.
That's is not only comfortable for the eldery, but also when you have chronic disorders or pain complaints.

Here you will find the single beds having the dimensions 90 x 200 cm and 100 cm x 200 cm.
An extensive choice of double beds with comfortable height can be found in the categorie of upholstered beds.

Adjustable bed

At a number of beds, lying height can be adjusted. Especially for seniors they are ideal, because these beds are very suitable for combination with an electrically adjustable slatted frame. With this you adjust your lying position at any time.
Certainly together with a cold foam mattress you can reach maximum comfort.

If you like to receive advice, simply request information. You will find the information button next to the bed of your choice.