Slatted bases

A good slatted base is flexible, so that the slats move with your body and supports it fully. This can prevent problems with your back and neck.

Bed bases, in a frame of solid beech, are available in different types. From simple to the most luxurious.

Difference type of slatted base

  • Usually, each slatted base has a central zone with sliding elements, by which the hardness can be adjusted, and at the luxurious bed bases this zone is very flexible.

  • Most bases also have a shoulder comfort zone.
  • The luxurious bed frames have 7 zones, distributed over the entire length, so that the weight distribution is optimal.

The different types are available in 3 different versions: Electric adjustable-, hand adjustable- and not adjustable bed frames.

For longer persons slatted bases with additional lengths are available.

For heavier people we have flat slatted base Brillant plus.

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